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Undergraduate Programs

The Mission of Economics Department at ESU is to provide an excellent economics education so that students can critically analyze issues related to the domestic and global economy, business and governmental policy, and to prepare them for a successful career or to pursue graduate studies in economics, business management, law and related fields.

The department is characterized by great cultural and programmatic diversity. students are exposed to a number of traditional business and economic courses from experienced faculty whose combined professional interests and expertise cover all of the following areas:

  • Economic Theory and Applications
  • Quantitative Business Economics
  • Finance and Counting
  • Global and Regional Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Money and Banking

Did You Know?

  • Economics majors are paid one of the highest salaries of all majors?
  • Economics majors receive one of the highest scores on the LSAT?
  • Richard Silverman, admissions director for the Yale School of management, said: "The best people are more frequently taking economics as their majors..It shows they have the intellectual fire in the belly to perform well in an MBA program"

Is Economics a Career Path For Me?

Career Settings - The Bachelor of Arts Economics degree prepares students for either graduate studies or careers in:

  • International Trade and Global Markets
  • Management and Quantitative Economics
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Operations Research
  • Labor Economics
  • Money and Banking
  • Government and policies
  • Forecasting and Actuarial work

More detailed career information is available from the department.