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State System, APSCUF Reach Tentative Agreement, Strike Ends

Late this afternoon, we received an announcement that the strike between the faculty union (APSCUF) and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has been settled. Faculty members will return to work effective midnight tonight. For students that have regularly scheduled classes this weekend, report as scheduled. All other students should follow their class schedules starting Monday, October 24.

Information Security (M.S.)

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Graduate Programs

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ESU is a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education, one of approximately 100 such institutions certified by the US National Security Agency and the US Department of Homeland Security.

This designation is based on the successful Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Computer Security.

The ESU Computer Science Department now offers a unique Master’s program in Information Security.

The MS in Information Security is a technical program geared for students who are interested in system security administration.

Furthermore, because of expectations in the types of students who will enroll in the program, the MS in Information Security will be offered solely online (except for thesis defense).

All enrollees of the program are required to have a technical Bachelor’s degree, such as degrees in Computer Science, Computer Security, or Information Technology, or the equivalent coursework.

All students in this program are required to complete a thesis in the field, under the direction of a faculty member, which will be judged by a thesis committee of faculty members.

Students completing this program will earn up to six Federal certifications, as defined by the US Committee on National Security Systems.

The curriculum is completely aligned with these certifications:

  • NSTISSI 4011
    • National Training Standard for Information Systems Security Professionals
  • CNSSI 4012
    • National Information Assurance Training Standard for Senior Systems Managers
  • CNSSI 4013
    • National Information Assurance Training Standard For System Administrators
  • CNSSI 4014
    • Information Assurance Training Standard for Information Systems Security Officers
  • NSTISSI 4015
    • National Training Standard for Systems Certifiers
  • CNSSI 4016
    • National Information Assurance Training Standard For Risk Analysts