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Elisa Caffese-LeeElisa Caffese-Lee (
Instructor of Communication
B.A., 2004, East Stroudsburg University
M.Ed., 2011, Villanova University
Research/Teaching Interest: Broadcast Journalism, History of Broadcasting, Broadcasting Techniques, News Writing and Reporting

Julian CostaJulian Costa (
Instructor of Communication
A.A., 2010, Northampton Community College
B.S., 2012, East Stroudsburg University
M.S., 2013, East Stroudsburg University
Research/Teaching Interest: Participatory Media, Presentational Communication, Semiotics and Formalist Analysis

Patricia KennedyPatricia Kennedy (
Associate Professor of Communication
B.A., 1971, State University of New York at Oneonta
J.D., 1981, Syracuse University
Ph.D, 2007, Syracuse University>
Research/Teaching Interest: Public Advocacy, International Environmental Communication, Communication Policy and Law

Danielle LenarDanielle Lenar (
Instructor of Communication
B.A., 2006, William Paterson University
M.A., 2008, East Tennessee State University
Research/Teaching Interest: Speech Fundamentals, Interpersonal Communication, Media, and Communication Theory

Paul LippertPaul Lippert (
Professor of Communication
B.A., 1977, University of Michigan
M.A., 1980, New York University
Ph.D., 1990, New York University
Research/Teaching Interest: Film Study, Technology and Culture, History of Modernity

Andrea McClanahanAndrea McClanahan (
Professor of Communication
B.A., 1998, Bloomsburg University
M.A., 1999, Ball State University
Ph.D., 2003, Ohio University
Research/Teaching Interest: Gender and Media, Communication Theory, Persuasion and Social Movements

Robert McKenzieRobert McKenzie (
Distinguished Professor of Communication, Department Chair
B.A., 1984, Millersville University
M.A., 1987, Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D., 1990, Pennsylvania State University
Research/Teaching Interest: International Broadcasting, News Media, College Radio

Marina OdiernoMarina Odierno (
Instructor of Communication
B.A., 2006, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
M.Ed., 2010, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
Research/Teaching Interest: Broadcast Journalism, Broadcast Management, Speech Communication, and News Writing

Charles WarnerCharles Warner (
Professor of Communication
B.A., 1978, Kent State University
M.A., 1983, Kent State University
Ph.D., 1993, Bowling Green State University
Research/Teaching Interest: Popular Culture, Fandom and Fan Studies, Consumption as a Cultural Practice

Michelle Wilkes-CarilliMichelle Wilkes-Carilli (
Instructor of Communication
B.A., 1992, East Stroudsburg University
M.S., 1996, Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale
Ph.D., 2000, Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale
Research/Teaching Interest: Organizational Communication, Professional Communication & Public Speaking, Public Relations, and Interpersonal Communication.

Wenjie YanWenjie Yan (
Professor of Communication
B.A., 1984, 1986, Shanghai International Studies University
M.A., 1990, State University of New York at Buffalo
Ph.D., 1992, State University of New York at Buffalo
Research/Teaching Interest: Language and Culture, Intercultural Competence, Group Problem Solving Effectiveness

Cem ZeytinogluCem Zeytinoglu (
Associate Professor of Communication
B.A., 1993, Anadolu University
M.A., 1995, Anadolu University
M.A., 1999, Morehead State University
Ph.D., 2007, Duquesne University
Research/Teaching Interest: Public Relations, Rhetoric and Advocacy, Philosophy of Communication and Ethics