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Speech Language Pathology

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Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences & Disorders is a preprofessional program

Upon its completion, students must pursue a master's degree before gaining employment as a certified speech-language pathologist.

  • Required major courses: SPPA 101, 113, 121, 214, 231, 312, 331, 341, 342, 361, 414, 457, plus one upper division SPPA elective.
  • Students in upper division classes (342, 361, 414, 457) must get police check, FBI clearance, and child abuse clearance. Students must also be formally admitted into the department to complete their degree
    • SPPA electives include the following:
      • SPPA 131
      • SPPA 290
      • SPPA 321
      • SPPA 335
      • SPPA 423
      • SPPA 485
      • SPPA 486
  • Corequisites:
    • BIOL 105, 111 or 114 (choose one)
    • CPSC 100 or 103 (choose one)
    • MATH 100 or 101 (choose one)
    • MATH 110 (required)
    • PHYS 101 or 110 (choose one)
    • PSY 225 or ECED 223 (choose one)
    • PSY 302 or 311 or 420 (choose one)
    • SOC 331 (required)
    • REED 315 (required)

*To enroll in SPPA 457, students must present evidence that they carry professional liability insurance and have passed the HIPAA confidentiality exam.

They must also have a current (within a year) TB test, and Acts 34 (criminal record) and 151 (child abuse) clearances as well as fingerprinting.

Academic Criteria:

  • All incoming students (freshmen, transfers, etc.) must meet with the department chair to set up their education plan leading to admission into the clinical portion of the SPPA program.
  • All transfer students, both ESU and other institutions, must have a 3.2 cumulative quality point average to declare SPPA as their major. Transfer students will work with the department chair on an individual basis to set up education plans that can be completed in a timely manner.
  • A 3.2 quality point average in the major and a 3.2 cumulative quality point average are required for admission to the clinical portion of the program.
  • Admission to the clinical portion of the program is required for approval to enroll in SPPA 342, 414, and 457.
  • An information booklet describing specific program requirements can be obtained from the department chair.
  • At least 24 of the required 33 credits in SPPA must be taken at ESU, including all courses above the 100 level, unless waived by the department chair.