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Services & Applications

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The ESU Wildlife DNA Laboratory offers complete genotyping services focused on genetic applications for wildlife conservation, management, research, and forensics.

The genotyping laboratory performs DNA extractions, and amplification of specific genes, and DNA sequencing of mitochondrial and nuclear genes.


Genetic analysis can be applied and used to provide insight into, determine and potentially solve a wide-range of wildlife related problems and projects.

The genotyping services can be used to address the following genetic applications:

  • Mammalian and Avian Sex Determination
  • Parentage Analysis (Maternal or Paternal Identification)
  • Individual Identification
  • Estimation of Population Size and Sex Ratio
  • Management of Captive and Reintroduced Populations
  • Hybridization and Inbreeding
  • Wildlife Forensics

DNA Archive

Our fundamental goal of the laboratory is to build and maintain a long term collection of wildlife DNA samples by archiving biological materials such as tissue, hair, blood, feathers, scales, bone, teeth and buccal swabs.