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Mission Statement

The MISSION of the CaATe-accredited Athletic Training Program at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania is to promote learning and leadership through teaching, service and research within the framework of the University’s Mission Statement.

Vision Statement

The VISION of the CaATe-accredited Athletic Training Program at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania is to:

  1. Be a leading student-centered athletic training program with faculty, clinical preceptors, students and affiliated staff sharing the responsibility for academic, professional and personal growth.
  2. Explore and integrate innovative approaches to enhance learning.
  3. Continually develop and adapt the educational curricula based upon evolving educational and credentialing standards.
  4. Be a program whose values of scholarship, professionalism, diversity and service are evident and pervasive among all of its members.
  5. Expand our pedagogical approaches to accommodate diversity in learning styles.
  6. Maintain a sound economic position through optimum enrollment and the exploration of external support.

Program Purpose, Objectives and Outcomes

  1. Athletic Training Program Purpose, Objectives and Outcomes
    Derived from our program’s mission statement, the program purpose is reflective of our curricular framework and is the basis for our end of program objectives.
    1. Purpose and End-Program Objectives:
      The purpose of the Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training program at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania is to prepare students to:
      1. Enter the practice of athletic training as a competent and confident entry-level health care professional.
      2. Participate in the advancement of the athletic training profession.
      3. Pursue advanced study.
      4. Assume the responsibilities of an educated person in society.
      5. Compete for internal and external awards, scholarships and grants.
      6. Demonstrate a commitment to engage in lifelong learning.
    2. Program Outcomes and ESU Athletic Training Outcomes Assessment Plan
      By utilizing the end-of-program objectives as a foundation, outcomes to be assessed have been identified by the faculty in the Department of Athletic Training. These outcomes are grouped around the following themes:
      1. Academic Achievement (Athletic Training)
      2. Academic Achievement (University Student Learning Outcomes)
      3. Leadership and Autonomy of Students
      4. Clinical Competence and Proficiency
      5. Faculty Service and Scholarship
      6. Ethical Practice
    3. The Athletic Training Program outcomes are connected to the major roles of the athletic trainer, student and faculty and are determined by our organizing framework and the published documents of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Board of Certification and Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education. The student outcomes are both didactic and clinical and are assessed in both a formative and summative manner. Assessment techniques include both embedded measures and specialized assessment tools. Specific program and student learning outcomes can be found in the detailed “ESU Athletic Training Program Outcomes” Table.

    4. Use of Outcomes Assessment Results
      Analysis of assessment results and the subsequent recommendations are used to:
      1. Refine and revise the instructional (curriculum) plan
      2. Refine and introduce pedagogical strategies
      3. Facilitate the public’s understanding of the role of the athletic trainer
      4. Market a high quality, affordable and innovative athletic training program
      5. Improve the quality of patient care services available to the public
      6. Advocate for and procure funding to support faculty and student projects.
      7. Clarify and strengthen the purposes and objectives of the Athletic Training Program at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Accreditation Status

The East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Athletic Training Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education Program (CaATe) through May of 2015. The next accreditation review including a comprehensive self-study and site visitation will occur during the 2014-15 academic year.