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Art and Design (B.A.)

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Career Path: The concentration in Design develops skills in the field of Graphic Design by using a combination of hands on techniques and industry standard design software that provide students with a strong foundation for success in visual communication. A required internship gives students real world experience and potential employment opportunities.

The concentration in Fine Art allows students to create their own individualized program in studio art by taking courses in a wide variety of artistic disciplines. Students who plan careers in art education or art therapy may pursue this concentration.

The Art History concentration provides students with a broad understanding of art from prehistory to the contemporary eras. Art history majors may develop careers in museums, galleries, restoration, journalism or education.

The 15 credit Core for all concentrations gives students a foundation in fundamental art and design skills as well as an historical and aesthetic understanding of art throughout history. 25 additional credits in design or studio art, or 24 credits in art history complete the major.

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