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Art and Design (B.A.)

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Art + Design: At the Heart of Visual Communication

The B.A. in Art + Design program will unlock your creativity, stimulate innovation, develop critical thinking and research skills A common foundation rooted in art, design and art history prepare you for success in your area of concentration: Design, Fine Art or Art History.

DESIGN is a creative process that integrates art and technology to communicate ideas and information. You will create dynamic solutions in digital graphic design, electronic imaging, illustration, 3D modeling, rendering, 3D printing and other fabrication processes. Up to date industry professional design software will prepare you for careers in the design field. Project based assignments and required internships make sure you will be ready to meet the challenge of the 21st century marketplace. Art directors in graphic design and visual communications design studios stress the importance of a strong art background for success in these fields.

FINE ART is at the heart of creative expression. Fine artists have historically been pioneers for innovations in the fields of design, entertainment, even STEM areas. You will acquire skills in traditional fine art techniques like drawing, painting, clay and other sculptural media. Your own unique vision may incorporate digital/electronic media or 3D printing and your faculty will provide strong advising and mentorship. A required thesis project and portfolio will prepare you for the next step, whether it’s graduate school, art therapy, art education or a career as an exhibiting artist.

ART HISTORY provides the connections to your cultural history and your present. It is interdisciplinary: incorporating the fields of philosophy, history, political science, literature, and sociology. You will not only learn about the art and architecture of the past, but consider the art of today within it’s cultural context—your life! Majors in art history often go on to graduate school, careers in curatorship, conservation, gallery entrepreneurship, education and consulting.

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