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Human Performance

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Physical activity courses are offered for the student through general education in the Department of Movement Activities and Lifetime Fitness.

These movement activities and lifetime fitness experiences are intended to develop and improve the lifetime sport and fitness skills of the individual and to improve the student's perception of the role of dance, exercise and sport in living.

As our society becomes more technical, there is an increased need to enhance its vigor and productivity by managing stress, mastering the art of relaxation, and developing healthful lifetime activity skills.

The Faculty of Human Performance offers the following degree programs:

  • Majors
    • Athletic Training
    • Physical Education
    • Exercise Science
  • Minors
    • Dance
  • Teacher Certification
    • Health and Physical Education
  • Concentrations
    • Dance
    • Exercise Physiology
    • Health & Physical Education
    • Sports and Exercise Conditioning
    • Pre-Professional Rehabilitation Services
    • Pre-Professional Therapeutic Sciences