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Graduate College

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East Stroudsburg University has a long and proud tradition of providing educational opportunity for men and women of all ages.

We continue this tradition in offering graduate studies programs for women and men who seek career changes and/or advancement.

At ESU, we welcome prospective graduate students who are intellectually-curious, determined, and energetic; who place a priority on personal achievement; and who demand a highly-engaged and rigorous learning environment.

East Stroudsburg University inaugurated its graduate college in 1962, with programs in health and physical education, biology, history, and political science.

Since then, other departments have established degree programs, the most recent being the Master of Science in Management and Leadership (2004), Master of Science in Sport Management (2003) and Master of Education in Instructional Technology (2002).

Graduate Programs also include, The Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology, the Master of Public Health in community health education and the Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology.

The most popular graduate program at ESU today is the Master in Education degree program.

In its first graduating class of 1964 the university awarded 10 graduate degrees.

At that time, the total annual graduate school enrollment was 194.

Since then, enrollment has grown steadily.

Enrollments now exceed 1,000 graduate students each semester.

Since 1964, East Stroudsburg University has awarded over 4,700 graduate degrees.

In addition to its numerous graduate degree programs, ESU has over 20 post-baccalaureate certification programs in education and serves a significant number of non-traditional and off-campus non-degree students and students completing Act 48 credit.