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The curricula offered by the College of Education at East Stroudsburg University are designed to prepare teachers and school administrative and supervisory officials for the appropriate certificates.

Students graduating with a bachelor of science degree in education who have successfully completed a certification program are eligible to apply for the appropriate Pennsylvania professional certificate.

Certification programs are available for:

  • Pennsylvania Instructional Certificates
  • Educational Specialist Certificates
  • Supervisory Certificates
  • Administrative Certificate
  • Letter of Eligibility
  • Vocational Certificate for college and university graduates who are holders of bachelor's and higher degrees.

The College of Education, in accordance with the regulations of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, also provides courses for persons who hold expired certificates and wish to reinstate them.

Students planning to teach outside the state of Pennsylvania are held personally responsible for knowledge of professional licensure requirements in those states.

Such students should inform their advisors of their intentions, as the advisors may be of assistance in ensuring compliance with other states' requirements.