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Student Teaching Clearances

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Pennsylvania Law, Act 114 requires that all individuals having contact with children in public and private schools, including student teachers, complete background clearances in order to help ensure the safety and welfare of the children and young adults they serve. These clearances must be valid throughout the student teaching semester(s). These clearances include Act 34, Act 151, Federal Criminal History Report, Act 24, and Tuberculosis Test clearance. In addition to these clearances, East Stroudsburg University also requires PSEA membership, identification, passing Praxis/Pearson test scores, and minimum GPA by major.

Act 34:

Act 34, the Pennsylvania State Police Background check, reviews criminal records within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania State Police have established a web-based application called “Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History,” (PATCH). Application for an Act 34 clearance costs $10 and may be accessed via the following website: Applicants generally receive their clearances immediately.

Act 151:

Act 151, the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance application is available online at and the cost is $10.00. Creating an account and submitting your clearance application online will give you access to your results within a few days. As its name implies, this Act checks for any record related to child abuse.

Federal Criminal History Report (FBI Rap Sheet):

A Federal Criminal History Report is required for all prospective employees, student teacher candidates, contractors, and their employees who have contact with children in the schools of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Accordingly, all student teachers must also attain a Federal Criminal History Report to student teach. The cost of this report is $27.00. This report may be accessed online (; however, fingerprints must be taken at an approved location (UPS store Eagle Valley Corner in East Stroudsburg). Once this report is attained, student teachers should ask for a print-out of their RAP Sheet at the Office of Field Experiences and Partnerships

Act 24:

Act 24 forms are available outside of the Office of Field Experiences and Partnerships. There is no cost for this form.

Tuberculosis Test:

Pennsylvania law requires all individuals working in schools, including student teachers, to provide evidence of a current negative test for tuberculosis (within three months of student teaching). This document must include the name and address of the physician, date administered, date read, manufacture’s number, and signature. Students may go to the East Stroudsburg University Health Center for their tuberculosis test. The cost of this test is $15.00 with an ecard.

PSEA Membership Card:

Student teachers must maintain liability insurance via a PSEA membership. PSEA membership insures student teachers up to $1,000,000. PSEA student membership costs $30/year and may be attained through the following website:

Picture Identification:

A valid picture Identification is required for student teaching. Students should scan their East Stroudsburg University identification or valid driver’s license

Praxis/Pearson Tests:

Student teachers must pass the appropriate Praxis/Pearson Tests as required by their major. Passing scores will be verified by each student’s advisor and checked through the Office of Field Experiences and Partnerships.

Academics and Quality Point Average (QPA):

Student teachers must maintain an appropriate QPA as designated by each major’s department. The QPA will be viewed by each student’s advisor and checked through the Office of Field Experiences and Partnerships. Students must have successfully completed prerequisite courses in eduction and have no incomplete grades in order to student teach. Students must also have a grade of C or better in all major classes in order to student teach.