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Field Experiences & Partnerships

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Student Teachers

Student teaching is the capstone experience of your teacher preparation program.

As you prepare for your student teaching semester, you have the opportunity to synthesize the knowledge, skills, and dispositions you have learned in your teacher education program at East Stroudsburg University.

Student teaching will involve your transition from a student to a beginning educator as you will be applying what you have learned about effective practice while critically exploring the profession, as well as your identity as a teacher.

Your practicum sessions will help support you through this process as you will have the opportunity to reflect on your experiences and grow as a professional.

Your teaching experience will allow you to strengthen your ability to make reflective and deliberate decisions that support and extend the learning of all students.

In doing so, you will make great strides toward having a positive impact on our profession.

As you transition from student teacher to practicing teacher in the field remember the power and importance of our profession. Parents entrust us with the education of their children. Value this trust by continually refining your craft, collaborating with professionals in the field, and making sure that students are always at the forefront of your decisions.

We wish you well as you complete your student teaching experience and become beginning educators. You are joining ESU alumni who are among the finest professionals in the field - Rely on them and be inspired by them.

Best Regards,

Dr. Terry Barry, Dean, College of Education

Brooke Langan, Director, Field Experiences and Partnerships, College of Education