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College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Music / Fine Arts Building 205


The Music Department does not have a graduate degree program. Graduate course work is offered in Music to support other degree programs. Graduate courses in Music are not regularly offered.

Course Descriptions

  • MUS 500 Special Topics (Semester hours arranged)

    • These courses are designed to meet specific needs of groups of students or are offered on a trial basis in order to determine the demand for and value of introducing them as part of the university curriculum.

  • MUS 501 Choral Music Symposium (1)

    • The course will be a comprehensive choral symposium for church choral directors and school choir directors. Clinicians, including composers, will direct sessions in choral rehearsal techniques and performance practices and conduct studies on curriculum materials.

  • MUS 502 Instrumental Music Masterclass (1)

    • This course is a master class taught by a renowned professional instrumental performer. Topics stressed will include instrumental techniques, phrasing, expressive nuances, and practice/performance strategies. Student performance will be evaluated and constructive suggestions will be provided. Prerequisite: Permission from instructor.

  • MUS 503 Jazz Keyboard Chords (2)

    • Students will learn to perform standard jazz chords with extensions in major and minor keys on a keyboard. Standard chord voicings for two hands and left hand only will assist auditory training, knowledge of music theory, and some jazz improvisation. Students will accompany pre-existing melodies with jazz chords.

  • MUS 504 Jazz Masters Seminar (1-3)

    • Students will study the lives, music, and careers of several accomplished, active jazz professionals. Each artist will then be a guest speaker, interacting with the class. Writing assignments will make this the culminating academic jazz experience.

  • MUS 505 Choral Reading Techniques Workshop (1)

    • This course will emphasize various approaches to reading choral music in terms of diction, nuance, rhythm, phrasing and dynamics. Nationally known guest conductors and composers will present several sessions where participants will execute reading techniques as an ensemble.

  • MUS 511 Fine Arts and Ideas (3)

    • Members of the fine arts, music, and theatre faculties offer this integrated study of humanistic values in the visual and performing arts. Students will have the opportunity to focus on specialized areas of interest through discussion and research. This course is also offered as ART 511 and THTR 511.

  • MUS 513 Nonsecular Music Symposium (1)

    • This workshop will train choir directors and musicians in repertoire selection, performance practices, and the execution of musical elements of various events. Different rehearsal methods and vocal techniques will be demonstrated and discussed. The latest literature and trends in traditional and contemporary choral music programming will be presented in choral reading sessions.

  • MUS 577 Independent Study (Semester hours arranged)

    • Under the direction of a member of the department faculty, the student will pursue an advanced program of study in an area of special interest in music.