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Welcome to the University Policies - ESU Public Comments Post, where comments, questions, and responses to questions pertaining to recently posted University-wide Policies are posted for 10 days for public review.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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Question: Who is responsible for enforcing this Policy? Many times outdated items are forgotten about and remain up long after the event is over. Who is the main person to contact if the policy is not being followed? The procedure shows several contacts but how does one know who is the appropriate person to contact? (Posting & Chalking Policy, 3/30/15)

Answer: The enforcement of this policy rests with the authority where appeals may be made, which in this case is the Vice President of Administration and Finance. Permission for postings is granted by the individuals identified in the procedures, who are also responsible for keeping the bulletin boards updated and removing outdated material. These individuals serve as the primary contact for the respective bulletin board needing attention.

Comment: You may want to consider the sidewalks in front of other academic buildings (e.g., Sci Tech or Fine Arts) as an appropriate place for chalk drawings. I would also like you to add that the academic department doors can be used for posting information as well. (Posting & Chalking Policy, 3/31/15)

Response: The policy will reflect that sidewalks in front of Sci. Tech and the Fine Arts Center are designated areas for chalking. It will also state that academic and administrative department doors can be used for posting information.