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Welcome to the University Policies - ESU Public Comments Post, where comments, questions, and responses to questions pertaining to recently posted University-wide Policies are posted for 10 days for public review.

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I have always felt that ESU was a safe environment for my children. Nonetheless, I am very glad to see this articulated. I look forward to a similar policy that makes it clear it is inappropriate for adult sexual relationships with people in position of oversight (e.g., professors/students). Older adolescents are at a higher risk of sexual predatory behavior as they believe they are cognitively capable of detecting such actions, but they are still quiet vulnerable to a skilled sexual predator. ESU needs a policy to address this important problem that exists across college campuses today. Thank you for your continued efforts to help codify these policies. I greatly appreciate the ability to provide feedback.(posted 11/18/14)

Question:  Why isn't there any statement related to parental consent and waiver of university faculty/personnel liability included in this policy? Seems as if we are not protecting employees?

Answer: The waiver of liability would only cover things such as injury to a person. It is not possible to waive liability for child abuse or reporting of child abuse since that is legislated under Pennsylvania law.