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State System, APSCUF Reach Tentative Agreement, Strike Ends

Late Friday afternoon, we received an announcement that the strike between the faculty union (APSCUF) and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has been settled. Faculty members will return to work effective midnight tonight. For students that have regularly scheduled classes this weekend, report as scheduled. All other students should follow their class schedules starting Monday, October 24.

University Policies

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  • Policy Title: Surplus Property
  • Policy Number: ESU-FA-2011-034
  • Effective Date: April 18, 2013
  • Adopted Date: April 18, 2013
  • Last Reviewed: N/A
  • Amended: N/A
  • Related Policies: None

Policy Statement:

This policy provides the University with a surplus equipment disposal procedure that will ensure that Univesity property has provided a value beyond its worth, and that the disposal will be conducted in an equitable, efficient, and cost effective manner.

Reason For Policy:

The reason for the Surplus Property Policy and Procedure is to provide a clear and concise guideline for the disposal of all East Stroudsburg University surplus property, excluding real estate.

Appeal Statement:



Surplus Property: Surplus property is equipment, furniture or property excluding real estate that is available for disposal, re-distribution, and sale because East Stroudsburg University no longer has a need of, or a useful purpose, for the equipment, furniture or property excluding real estate.

Scrap - equipment, furniture or property excluding real estate in poor condition, obsolete in function or broken such as to be discarded as worthless or sold to be reused as parts; junk.

Other Relevant Information:

Surplus Supply Procedures