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State System, APSCUF Reach Tentative Agreement, Strike Ends

Late Friday afternoon, we received an announcement that the strike between the faculty union (APSCUF) and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has been settled. Faculty members will return to work effective midnight tonight. For students that have regularly scheduled classes this weekend, report as scheduled. All other students should follow their class schedules starting Monday, October 24.

University Policies

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  • Policy Title: Telecommuting
  • Policy Number: FA-2011-008
  • Effective: December 6, 2012
  • Adopted: December 6, 2012
  • Last Reviewed: N/A
  • Amended: N/A
  • Related Policies: None

Policy Statement:

This policy sets forth guidelines and procedures for administering telecommuting options for East Stroudsburg University employees.

It applies to unrepresented, exempt employees and provides guidance and direction to employees and supervisors wishing to establish a telecommuting arrangement.

Reason for Policy:

To provide telecommuting opportunities for East Stroudsburg employees who meet the requisite Standards of Participation.

Appeal Statement:

Not specified in current policy.


Telecommuting - work alternative that substitute home-to-work commuting with the option of working at home or at satellite work locations for all or part of the employee's normal work assignment.

Remote Work Location - any work location (i.e., home office, alternate site, etc.) other than the University

Standards of Participation:

  1. The employee and his/her supervisor must agree that the nature of the employee's work is conducive to a telecommuting arrangement.
  2. The employee must have received a "Meets Expectations" rating or higher on his or her most recent performance appraisal.
  3. The employee cannot have received any disciplinary actions or been placed on a performance improvement plan within the last 12 months immediately preceding the telecommuting request.
  4. The employee must have successfully completed any probationary requirements and have completed a minimum of 12 months of service. This standard may be waived with written approval of the appropriate supervisor.

Other Relevant Information:

Telecommuting for Employees and Supervisors Procedure