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Transportation Committee

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Our committee seeks to raise awareness of; and accessibility to - more sustainable/alternative transportation methods at ESU.

We hope to accomplish this mission by encouraging new perspectives on improving our health, the community and environment by modeling more socially responsible behaviors including: walking, biking, bus ridership and ride-sharing.

The Transportation Committee of the University’s Sustainability Commission is composed of interested faculty, administrators, support staff and students who examine ways to increase and improve awareness of; and accessibility to more sustainable/alternative transportation options like walking, biking, rideshare, and transit on-campus.

Meeting Dates for the Transportation Committee--to be announced.

Introducing WeCar to ESU


Car sharing is often the best alternative to owning or renting a car. Share a car with WeCar. ESU students, faculty and staff Can Now Rent Affordable, Efficient Cars Through Enterprise's WeCar by the Hour, Day, or Overnight. WeCar is a membership-based, automated car rental option that offers a sustainable and efficient transportation alternative to the ESU community. Registered members have access to a Nissan Cube and Toyota Prius Hybrid, which are centrally located in the ESU Police Department parking lot.

WeCar also addresses the university's commitment to sustainability by providing fuel-efficient vehicles, including a hybrid. A university priority is to continually implement strategies that reduce its carbon footprint. WeCar was implemented to encourage ESU's students to leave their own cars at home, share rides and reduce the number of cars on the road.

Fees: One Time Application Fee - Waived!!

Annual Membership Fee - $25

Rates (fuel included):

Nissan Cube: $10/hour, $55/day, Overnight Rate (8pm-8am) $30

Toyota Prius: $12/hour, $60/day, Overnight Rate (8pm-8am) $35

For more information, please click the links below.

Youtube Video

People for Bikes "I Ride": Inspirational Video

Wish List!

  • Improvements for biking in the county and borough
  • HOV parking