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Safety Tips

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                                         Campus Community Safety Alert

On 09/28/13 it was reported that a strong armed robbery occurred on campus on the walkway between the University Center and Stroud Hall at approximately 12:45 am.

Four males approached a male student victim and one of them took the I-Pod he was carrying from him and struck him in the face. He was struck again and his cell phone was taken from him before the suspects ran away. The victim described the suspects as four dark skinned males wearing hoodies. They appeared to be young in age (15-18 years old), of average height and build. One suspect had a white hoodie and another had a dark blue hoodie.

In a possibly related second incident approximately one hour later at 1:45 am it was reported that a male student was walking from the University Ridge towards campus behind the Fine Arts building when he saw a young man who asked to borrow the male students cell phone. When the victim handed the suspect the phone, he attempted to make a call and then ran away with the phone. The suspect in this theft incident is described as an African American male approximately 16-19 years old, 5’7” tall and of average build, wearing a black hoodie and jeans or dark colored sweat pants.

We are asking all persons to use caution, do not approach strangers and take all necessary safety measures when walking on or off campus. Incidents of this nature are generally rare, but these safety tips may help reduce the potential for these types of crime to occur.

Be aware of your surroundings (stay alert)
Avoid distractions (phone, texting, music...)
Do not walk alone (there is safety in numbers)
Use the Safety escort service instead of walking alone on campus (# 570-422-3064)
Always let someone know where you are going
Avoid areas that are unfamiliar and/ or not well lit
Do not approach or interact with people you do not know
Have a safety plan

The East Stroudsburg University Police are actively investigating these incidents and ask anyone who may have any information related to these incidents or see anything suspicious while on campus to please contact us at (570) 422-3064 or by calling 911 in an emergency.

Thank you,

East Stroudsburg University Police


Campus Community Safety Alert 

On 9/26/13 it was reported to University Police that on 09/19/13 a Sexual Assault occurred on campus in the Hemlock Suites Residence Hall at approximately 12:45 am.

A female student reported that she was sexually assaulted in her residence hall room by a known offender. The University Police were contacted and took initial statement from the student.

The male student involved in this incident is known and the female student is weighing her options through the University.

It is the right of the individual to proceed with a criminal investigation or not and we respect each individuals choice in this extremely difficult situation. We also have a duty under the Clery Act to ensure that timely notices of reported incidents are made available to the university community.

Timely warnings help to ensure our community is informed of safety concerns on campus. The information provided allows persons to take potential preventative measures and in some instances persons may provide information to assist in the further investigation of incidents.

If anyone feels that they or someone they know may be the victim of Sexual Assault we strongly encourage them to report the incident. Report to a friend or family member, a university official, counselor, medical health professional or directly to the police. The Voice/ Women’s Center on campus at 411 Normal Street (570-422-3225) is also a valuable resource on campus for information and education.

Reporting the incident is the most important first step in getting the help and resources you may need.

Thank you,

East Stroudsburg University Police

(570) 422-3064 or 911 Emergency

V.O.I.C.E Center 570-422-3225



Community Concerns
When you live with other people, community safety is everyone's responsibility.

Do not prop outside doors. Keep your room door locked especially when you are sleeping or away from the room even for a short time.

Report the presence of strangers to residence hall staff and/or the police.

Don't let strangers into your building.

If you see that a campus light is burned out or a piece of emergency equipment has been tampered with, report it right away so that it can be fixed.

Holidays and End of the Semester Thefts Increase. Remember to keep your doors locked at all times, even when away from your room for a short time.

Lock the doors to your vehicle and hide all valuables in the trunk.

Do not let books, book bags, or any other types of valuables unattended while on campus.

Remember to report any suspicious persons to the University Police immediately