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Parking Permit Registration Information for Fall 2014

To: All Students
From: Richard Stoddard, Director of Parking, and Kizzy Morris, Director of Enrollment Services & Registrar
Subject: New Student Vehicle Registration and Parking Permit Information

Be sure to check your student email throughout the summer for further information on how to obtain your fall parking pass.

All students utilizing personal vehicles on campus must register the vehicle(s) and obtain a Parking Permit. Parking Permit fees are as follows:

  • Commuter students-core: $55 semester/$110 year
  • Resident students-core: $55 semester/$110 year
  • University Ridge: $45 semester/$90 year
  • Special parking (resident students under 21 years of age with less than 60 credits that have applied for and have approved special parking permission): $55 semester

Parking in student lots is allowed without a permit during the first week of classes to allow persons additional time to register their vehicle. Parking enforcement will begin immediately for illegally parked vehicles, or for vehicles parked in faculty/staff lots without the proper permit. At no time, including the first week may freshman or those students with less than 60 credits, park on campus without permission.

If you have your parking hang tag from last year, please bring that with you and we will simply update the hang tag with a valid sticker for the semester or year permit that you are purchasing. If you do not have your hangtag we will issue you a new one with the proper sticker attached. Parking maps and additional information regarding parking policies are available in our office and will be distributed during registration.

The University and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania assume no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to any motor vehicle parked or driven on its property. The University Police may tow any illegally parked vehicle.

All parking lots and sections of parking lots are designated for specific permits. You must park in a lot that is designated for the type of permit you are issued. A complete list of parking areas is available at the University Police Department Headquarters.

Unless otherwise posted, University parking regulations are in effect all year, including periods when classes are not in session. These regulations are enforced 24 hours a day; parking permits are required at all times. Faculty and staff parking areas are monitored all year round. Students with a University Ridge hangtag are required to park at the University Ridge Apartments with this exception: DURING WEEK NIGHTS from 3:30 PM to 2:00 AM and on the WEEKENDS from Friday 3:30 PM to 2:00 AM Sunday night (Monday morning), students may park in any commuter LOT.

A complete list of all parking regulations is available at the University Police Department. Remember to arrive for class early and if you are arriving for a class after 9:00 AM you should go directly to one of the lots further out from the middle of campus.