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Welcome Parents!

Warrior Family Weekend 2014

University President's Letter to ESU Parents

As the parent of an ESU student, you will enjoy exciting times as your son or daughter pursues his or her individual journey. The university is thrilled that you have entrusted ESU with this important part of your son's or daughter's life.

This online ESyoU Parents resource has been designed with you in mind. It includes links to important two-way channels of communication for ESU parents and the university.

As members of the East Stroudsburg University community, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, compliments or concerns. In the meantime, we look forward to assisting and communicating with you through your online ESyoU Parents tools!

Earlier this afternoon, there was fire at University Ridge Apartments, 400 East Brown Street, East Stroudsburg. Thankfully, no one was injured, however there was some significant water damage to building 9 and smoke damage to building 10. Approximately 112 students were directly affected by the fire and are being escorted back into their apartments to collect critical personal items. It is anticipated that students living in building 10 will be allowed back into their apartments within a few days. The University is making arrangements to provide housing and meals for these students as we await a final report from the State Police Fire Marshal. The Fire Marshal is on the scene to conduct an investigation as to the cause of the fire as well as recommendations as to when students will be allowed to return to the buildings.

We thank University Ridge staff and students for their prompt reporting of the fire and the regional fire companies and our ESU Police and Facilities Management staff for their swift response to this situation.

New for Parents

Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff and Friends of ESU,

Last Thursday, Chancellor Frank Brogan, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, addressed the media at his State of the System address. Chancellor Brogan spoke about the challenges currently facing the 14 State System universities, especially “lagging state support, rising costs, and declining enrollments…” He also indicated that steps are underway to conduct a strategic review of how the State System is currently organized and what we (students, faculty, staff, alumni, elected leaders and everyone who cares about public higher education) may need to consider in order to best serve our students and the Commonwealth in the 21st century.

Chancellor Brogan indicated that in addition to studying what needs to be done to ensure affordability, both in terms of state funding and tuition costs, we need to be open to evaluating how we are organized in order to remain affordable, accessible, and academically solid with minimal duplication of effort. We must be open to rethinking and even changing what have become “the arcane rules, practices and procedures” that have controlled the State System for 30 years. We need to be creative and innovative in how we do our business; we must work to ensure new opportunities for our students and our universities. We must continually rethink our academic programs, to ensure their currency and their relevancy, so that our students can navigate our institutions as they create their respective futures.

Many media outlets misrepresented the Chancellor’s comments, citing potential mergers or closure of State System institutions as part of the strategic review. The comments made by the Chancellor were referencing what is already happening in other states, and affirming that our challenges are not unique, but are being experienced by universities and university systems across the country. At ESU, we must determine what we can do to be more efficient, to have currency in our academic programs, and to ensure we best serve the needs of our students.

ESU is set on a trajectory for success if we all continue to work together. I am proud that ESU has seen enrollment growth each of the past three years, and this spring we see stronger enrollment than same time last year. After months of work, our faculty implemented a new general education program to better serve our students. We recently completed a two-year marketing and branding study and unveiled our new Warrior mascot. We are building a new suite-style residence hall to accommodate the historically high demand for on-campus student housing; this new hall should be ready for occupancy for the Fall 2017 term. Lower Dansbury is being renovated to add a Starbucks venue and to improve the heavily used conference room. We are actively searching for ten new tenure track faculty positions. ESU is on the move and excited about our future. Part of ESU’s future will be defined as we envision the next three years of our strategic plan Students First: Innovate ESU, along with all that will be learned through a strategic review of the State System and how we operate—always focusing on the needs of our incredible students.

Unfortunately, some ESU students were stopped by media on campus last Thursday evening and asked what it would mean to them if ESU were to be merged with another institution or closed. Students were shocked, stunned and worried. This is what rumors and inaccurate reporting can do. I want you to have correct information should anyone ask you about the planned strategic review of the State System. To listen to the Chancellor’s State of the System address, click here. If you have questions or concerns about anything you may be hearing, please feel free to contact my office (570-422-3546). We are proud of the high quality education we offer our students. However, we will always work to ensure a stronger future.

We will always be ESU—Where Warriors Belong!


Marcia G. Welsh, Ph.D.
January 31, 2017

Dear Members of the ESU Community,

The past few days have created a disturbing disbelief on our campus at East Stroudsburg University. Colleges and Universities across the U.S., including ESU, are deeply affected by the new administration’s restriction on both immigration and border entry for persons from seven Muslim-majority countries and suspension of the refugee program for 120 days. In addition to sending a hostile message to some of our global allies, the ban holds hostage many students and faculty who enrich education across our country by sharing cultural uniqueness and diverse learning opportunities. It is critical that we reaffirm our commitment to our membership in the international community of scholars and educators and those students we all teach. They make us stronger by their presence at ESU.

As international protests continue we find ourselves with a very fluid and evolving situation. While we must understand there are two sides to every argument and we all share a commitment to national security, the reality is that our campus community will suffer because of the chaos created by this ban; it can complicate our own travel abroad and that of our friends, colleagues and families, and cause unnecessary suffering by denying us the opportunity to grow by learning from others unlike us.

One thing is certain - we are a family of Warriors. We cannot let fear change who we are. We must reaffirm our commitment to diversity, inclusion and global education. It is imperative that we stand up for what we believe to be right and continue to do all we can to inspire others. I ask everyone to stay vigilant and continue to stay informed about what’s happening on this issue and other international news that matters. Stay strong and engaged, supporting one another as we continue to make East Stroudsburg University a place Where ALL Warriors Belong.

If you need assistance, please know that many on campus are willing and open to dialogue, including faculty, the Office of Student Affairs, the Counseling Center, and International Study Programs.

Marcia G. Welsh, Ph.D.
January 30, 2017

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