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ESU Capital Projects List

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Kemp Library Roof Replacement $500K 12/2014 In Progress
Recreation Center: Replace Arena Floor $150K 01/2015 In Progress
Lenape Residence Hall: Replace Elevators $300K 01/2015 In Progress
Koehler Fieldhouse: Replace Chiller $275K 07/2015 In Progress
Laurel Residence Hall: Repair Cracks and Repoint Brickwork $400K 07/2015 In Design
Dansbury Commons: Convert Storage into Starbucks $300K 07/2015 In Design
Koehler Fieldhouse and Natatorium: Repair Swimming Pool $300K 07/2015 In Design
Campus Wide Study; Centralized Plant vs. Individual Boiler $100K 07/2015 In Design
Moore Biology: Upgrade HVAC $200K 09/2016 In Design
Rosenkrans, HVAC Upgrade $100K 09/2016 In Design
Construct New Information Commons Phase 1 $59M 04/2017 On Hold
Construct New Information Commons Phase 2 $64M 06/2019 On Hold