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Commission on Racial & Ethnic Diversity

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Mission Statement

In order to address concerns of racially and ethnically diverse members of the campus community, CORED will provide support for groups and individuals seeking to enhance the welcoming and inclusive environment, in which we learn and work. In this capacity, CORED will serve as an advisory body to the Office of the President, encourage and support programs that are aimed at enlightening and educating students, staff, faculty, administrators, and the community on diversity related issues and provide advocacy for the development and improvement of the following:

  • Policies, procedures and publications that will positively impact student enrollment, and retention.
  • Policies and procedures related to hiring, promotion, and tenure which will have a positive impact on the attraction and retention of racially and ethnically diverse faculty and staff.
  • Policies and procedures that will provide professional development opportunities that will have a positive impact on employment, recruitment and retention.
  • A multicultural curriculum and corresponding co–curricular activities

Here are some of the great programs and activities:

Fredrick Douglass Institute

NEPDEC Programming Guides

Race Relations Project (Calendar)

University Stroud Hall Display Case

Stroud Hall is a prime campus location for the display and promotion of University wide cultural programs, annual celebrations and special events. The glass display case located in the main lobby area of Stroud Hall is available to display items related to special events, theme programs, organizations or departments.

Campus groups and individuals may submit applications to the Office of Student Activities, located on the second floor, University Center, if they wish to use the cases. Placement in the case is generally on a first come, first serve basis with priority groups celebrating events of a cultural nature or university wide cultural events. The Commission on Racial & Ethnic Diversity (CORED) will have final approval on applications.