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Cable TV

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All rooms are provided with 1 tv jack.

  • TV access is in your room rate charge

Can I get Premium Channels (HBO, PRISM, SHOW TIME, etc.)?

  • Premium channels and Pay Per View are not available in ESU residence halls.

How do I hook up my TV in the TV system?

  • Connect the end of the coaxial cable with f-connector to the wall outlet and the other end to your TV.
  • If you have cable TV service at home, the same cable will probably work at ESU if it has an f- connector.
  • You can bring your own or you may purchase a cable from the University store.

My TV only gets a few scattered channels.

  • Some TV's lose their programming: you must re-program the TV.
  • If your TV is older, you may need a TV converter box.
  • You can purchase one at most electronic stores.

I receive no TV channels and I have tried all of the suggestions listed above.

  • Contact your RA to enter a Campus Workorder to repair.