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Staff Directory

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Dr. Doreen M. Tobin, Vice President for Student Affairs

Mr. Michael C. Sachs, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Ms. Patricia A. Kashner, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Linda Van Meter, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

Ms. Patricia Baylor, Director of Student Activity Association Business Services

Mr. Joseph Knorr, Manager of University Bookstore

Ms. Maria Hackney, Director of University Health Services

Ms. Alyson Patascher, Coordinator for Health Education & AToD Prevention

Mr. Robert Moses, Director of Residence Life & Housing

Mr. Robert Smith, Director of Campus Card Center

Vacant, Coordinator for Greek Life

Ms. Jill Harper, Director of Recreation Center

Ms. Madeline Constantine, Coordinator for Stony Acres

Dr. Thomas Gioglio, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Dr. Nancy L. Weaver, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs & The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards

Mr. Joseph Akob, Executive Director of Student Activity Association, Inc.

Dr. John Robinson, Director of University Center & Student Activities

Ms.Daria Wielebinski, Director of Career Development

Ms. Sarah Goodrich, Coordinator of Conference Services

Ms. Cornelia Sewell, Director of Multicultural Affairs