Board of Directors

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  • Dr. Patricia Graham Intercultural & Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Mr. Christopher Bello Student Activities
  • Dr. Chris Brooks History
  • Prof. Ramona Hylton Library
  • Dr. Robert Fleischman Sports Management
  • Dr. Storm Heter Philosophy
  • Dr. Ken Mash Political Science
  • Prof. Shawn Munford Movement Activities/Lifetime Fitness
  • Dr. Hooshang Pazaki Sociology
  • Dr. Victoria Sanders President’s Office
  • Prof. Jerry Sheska Sports Management
  • Dr. Rhonda Sutton Reading
  • Prof. Denise Thompson Political Science
  • Dr. Marilyn Wells Provost’s Office and Graduate College
  • Mr. Jeff Wilson Head Basketball Coach
  • Dr. Janet Ferguson Early Childhood and Elementary Education