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    Strategic Plan:

    Strategic Planning Steering Committee, Task Force Groups and Timeline

Strategic Plan Overview

This new strategic planning site has been created to share information with the campus and community during the planning and implementation process. The process began in June with the creation of a Steering Committee that includes faculty, students, staff, and Council of Trustee members.

Strategic Planning Updates

Below is the third and most current update to ESU’s strategic plan. Modifications have been incorporated to this draft based on additional input from ongoing group discussions including six days of roundtable discussions in January, and feedback received from members of the Steering Committee, the four Task Forces and the Senior Leadership Team.

This Thursday and Friday, April 3 and 4, discussion about this draft of the strategic plan will begin as we convene meetings of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee, and several new groups including the Staff Advisory Group, the Academic Plan Steering Committee, and the Strategic Planning Budget Task Force. Campus discussion about this version of the strategic plan will also be open to the general campus community at roundtable discussions that will be announced in the near future – please be sure to watch for further details and plan to attend/participate.

To follow are members who have agreed to be on the planning groups/task forces mentioned above in order to help us transition the strategic plan into the next phase of action. I invite all members of the campus community to review this draft and share your comments and suggestions with members of these groups or during roundtable discussions that will be scheduled soon.

Please keep your voices loud and strong relative to this process! The strategic plan is a representation of our entire campus community and each of you plays an integral role in its success and our future as an institution.

  • Staff Advisory Group (Strategic Planning Process)
  • Mary Davis (University Relations)
  • Nina Atanesian (Admission)
  • Diana Badillo (Enrollment Services)
  • Joe Akob (SAA)
  • Jess Diaz (HR)
  • Jared Hildabrant (Facilities)
  • Lavar Peterson (Computing)
  • Michael Flaherty (Police)
  • Michele Benfer (Advancement)
  • Joe Koch (Coach)
  • Melanie Zabowski (Special Ed Dept.)
  • Academic Plan Steering Committee
  • (College of Health Sciences) Alberto Cardelle- Chair
  • (College of Arts & Sciences) John Elwood
  • (College of Arts & Sciences) John Kraybill-Greggo
  • (College of Education) Gina Scala
  • (College of Health Sciences) John Hauth
  • (College of Business Management) Carol Miller
  • (College of Arts & Sciences) Darlene Farris-LaBar
  • (Non-teaching) Nancy Jo Greenwalt
  • Strategic Planning Budget Task Force
  • Office of the VP for A&F, Kenneth Long
  • Office of the Provost, Albert J.F. Cardelle
  • Business Office, Donna Bulzoni
  • Budget Office, Debbie Morgan
  • University Senate, Sheila Handy
  • APSCUF, Doug Lare
  • AFSCME, Colette LaMarche
  • SCUPA, Alyson Patascher
  • Non-Represented, Tom Bartek
  • Other (Coaches, Nurses, Police), Jim Hughes
  • Student Senate, TBD


Strategic Planning Steering Committee:

  • Marcia G. Welsh Ph.D., President
  • Mr. Pat Ross, Chair, Council of Trustees
  • Mr. Robert Willever, Council of Trustees
  • Beth Sockman Ph.D., Associate Professor, Media Communication & Technology
  • Carol Miller Ph.D., Associate Professor, Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
  • Shawn Munford PhD., Assistant Professor, Movement Activities & Lifetime Fitness
  • Brenda Friday Ph.D., Director, University Relations
  • Mr. Curt Burton, Communication Operation Specialist, Instructional Resources
  • Ms. Cornelia Sewell-Allen, Coordinator, Multicultural Affairs
  • Mr. Justin Amann, President, Student Senate1
  • Ms. Atiba Khan, Chair of Finance, Student Senate1
  • Robert Fleishman Ph.D., Interim Dean, College of Business and Management1
  • Shannon Frystak Ph.D., Associate Professor of History1
  • Keith Vanic Ph.D., Associate Professor of Athletic Training1
  • Mr. Carter McClure, Manager of the Business Accelerator1
  • Drew Johnson, Student Senate1
  • Daniel Hagan, Student Senate1

Facilitator: Ms. Ann Duffield, Ann Duffield & Colleagues Consulting Group
Scribe: Mr. Miguel Barbosa, Chief of Staff
1Task Force Co-Chairs

The committee was also part of the process that recommended members for four Task Force groups that will lead the conversations based on the following strategic plan aspirations and focus areas. These four groups will be chaired by faculty or staff and co-chaired by students. The groups include faculty, students, staff, and community members. Click on a group link on the left for the Task Force membership.

It is the hope of the Steering Committee that the campus and community collaborate with the task forces to make this process a successful one. They need your ideas and input to make this new strategic plan a valuable one for our university. Please make sure to participate during the process.


June and July 2013- Initial Steering Committee Meetings
August 2013- Task Force Member Recommendations to Steering Committee for consideration.
September 2013- Initial Task Force group meetings.
October 2013- Task Force reports to Steering Committee
November 2013- Steering Committee interim report reviews
December 2013- Steering Committee final report review
January 2014- Steering Committee report completed for President

Vision Statement

ESU will be an innovative and entrepreneurial university—educationally, socially, organizationally, and culturally—with an emphasis on quality and collaboration in everything we provide. As a scholarly community, its faculty, students, staff, administrators, and affiliates will be encouraged to be innovative and to explore opportunities that will constantly energize and improve its mission as a learning community of the 21st Century. As a "university without walls," its sense of community will extend well beyond campus boundaries to embrace ESU’s surrounding communities and region to become a model that other organizations will want to emulate.

Mission Statement

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania will provide:

  • Challenging and contemporary undergraduate and graduate curricula that engage and equip undergraduate, graduate, and adult students to critically appraise and apply knowledge in their lives and chosen fields of study.
  • A scholarly community that promotes diversity and views learning as the university's primary focus.
  • Varied opportunities for student and faculty research, creative endeavors, and involvement in public service.
  • Leadership and service in the educational, cultural and economic development of the region.

Values Statement

The ESU community is committed to the principles of intellectual integrity, freedom of expression, the fair and equal treatment of all, good citizenship, environmental stewardship, and accountability for our actions and the resources entrusted to us.

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