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Council of Trustees

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Each of Pennsylvania's state-owned universities has a Council of Trustees, consisting of 11 members appointed by the Governor, including one undergraduate student. At least two members of the Council of Trustees are alumni of the institution. Primarily, the trustees are responsible to make recommendations to the chancellor for the appointment and dismissal of the president and to approve the university budget, new academic programs, contracts and fees other than tuition. East Stroudsburg University’s Council of Trustees meets five times per year.

Marcus S. Lingenfelter '95
Vice Chair

L. Patrick Ross '67,

Amy S. Welch '85,

Josephine Ferro
Council of Trustees

Harry F. Lee

Honorable Mario Scavello

Nancy V. Perretta

Dr. Vincent DeFranco

Bruno Klaus

Edward Abraham

Mariam Juya - Student